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Health doesn't have a dress size

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I read the article by Tanya Gold in The Telegraph with dismay. I certainly wouldn’t live up to Ms Gold’s body standards and do you know what? I’m ok with that.

I’m a size 22. I am healthy. I exercise. I am not pre-diabetic. I also wear sportswear.

I completely agree we should look after our bodies but health doesn’t have a dress size. Ms Gold has made a huge assumption about everyone over a size 12 and it’s completely inappropriate. Some people will never have a body like a traditional shop mannequin no matter how hard they try.

I’ve spent the last 20 years dressing stunning women of all shapes and sizes and I honestly thought we were getting to a place in society where we’d moved on from talk like this. My entire philosophy is based on being the best version of YOURSELF. Not what someone else thinks you should be/look like. You are equally amazing whether you’re a size 10 or 24 or anything else.

I think it’s brilliant that Nike are being inclusive and showing you how their clothes look good on all bodies.


Kate xx

P.s. Nike, how did you get your hands on my measurements?? Your mannequin looks exactly like me.