Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be charged for the appointment? If so how much?

We require card details to secure an appointment. We charge a non-refundable fee of £25 for all first appointments.

2. How much are the dresses?

The dresses start at £2,000 upwards, we are all British made, hence we don’t have less expensive mass produced dresses, however if your budget is less than this then email us so we can add you to our database and get in touch when we have a sample sale where prices start as low as a few hundred pounds for pieces. 

3. What sizes are your samples?

Our standard sample sizes are 10, but we do have a selection of samples in other sizes. We can make most samples fit for larger and smaller brides so you can get an idea of how the dress will look during your appointment.

4.  What underwear should I wear for the appointment?

We suggest you wear nude underwear for the styling session, and strapless or low back bras if you are thinking of that cut of dress. If you think you want a backless dress then it’s a good idea to make sure you can support yourself with stick on cups or low back bodies, maybe try them for the day when you’re at appointments, you can then see if they would be comfortable and work for you on your wedding day.

5. How long is the appointment?

Our appointments are 75 minutes, then run on the hour, so please be as punctual as possible so it doesn’t eat into your allocated styling time.

6.  If I am early can I come and browse the dresses before my appointment. 

I am afraid we don’t have a waiting area as the whole shop is taken up by each appointment, so if you are early or meeting your family and friends before then its a good idea to arrange to meet at the number of coffee shops near by. 

7.  Can I use skype/facetime in the appointment to show important family members?

Yes we can organise a second appointment for this if your family or friends are abroad. 

8. Can I bring friends and family to the styling appointment. 
We allow 2 guests maximum to your first appointment as we feel that any more people can often make the process a little confusing as everyone can offer opinions and make comments and you can leave the appointment feeling unsure of what you actually liked. If you have more than 2 guests however please let us know so we can try and accommodate you. 

9.  Payment procedure?

To order your dress we invoice you the first 50% this can be paid by credit/debit card in store or Bank transfer, the second 50% is due 12 weeks before your final fittings. I am afraid we can’t take payments over the phone for security reasons. 

10.  When are my measurements taken?

We take your measurements when you have chosen your dress, this is normally at a second appointment when you choose all the details, like dress colour and any design changes. Measurements are normally taken Monday’s to Fridays but we can arrange for these to be done at a Saturday appointment if you find it difficult to get to us mid week. 

11.  How late can I order?

If you order with less than 6 months to your wedding then you will be charged a rush order fee of 25%. It costs us more to produce your dress in under that time frame so we share the cost with you. If we have stock of the dress you are ordering then occasionally this can be wavered, it is worth speaking to the manager at the time of placing your order. 

12. What happens during my bridal consultation? 

At your appointment you have a stylist helping you make a selection of dresses, you can try on as many as realistic in your appointment. There will be someone helping you in and out of the dresses so they are handled carefully, and you will be offered styling advice and encouraged to try dresses on your might not have normally considered to ensure you are making the right choice with your dress. 

13. Are the costs of alterations & fittings included?

We do all the alterations in house by our team of skilled seamstresses, therefore the charge is in addition to the dress purchase price. We charge all alterations at a flat fee.  Prices start at £350. Any additional style changes that you want to make are charged at £50 per hour on top of this. You are more than welcome to use another alterations company or tailor if you prefer, we can recommend them. 

14. Where will my dress be made? 

Your dress is made in London, either in our studio below the shop or in our workshop in East London. 

15. When will my first fitting be?

Your first fitting is normally around 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding for off the peg dresses, and 6+ months for couture. Our fitters will host your fitting appointments. 

16. How many fittings will I have and how long do they take.

For an off the peg dress you will have around 2-3 fittings, your first fitting will be a full hour and the final fitting usually takes 30 mins. If you are bringing family and friends and want to try all your accessories and wedding details with you then please advise a member of the team, so we can try and book you in for a longer appointment, we don’t want you to feel rushed however we might have another bride booked in after you.  

17. When can I collect my dress?

You can collect your dress the week or two before your wedding, it’ s not a problem if you need it sooner as we can schedule this in to work with you. 

18. Are children allowed into appointments?

The shop is very small, so we don’t encourage children to the appointments, and they can also be a distraction. However, if you can’t arrange child care then we can always accommodate the little people. We don’t want you to feel like you aren’t welcome. 

19. Do I need to bring shoes with me?

You are more than welcome to bring your wedding shoes, or a similar style with you to the styling session, however we do have shoes in a size 4 – 7 in the shop. 

20. I am planning on losing weight before the wedding.

If you are planning on loosing extreme amounts of weight before the wedding then please advise us and we can make your measure and fittings as late as physically possible. Please consider though that you will be charged if you continue to loose weight after the fittings have been done, or if a dramatic size difference happens after your initial measure once the dress is ordered. The cost for all alterations will be charged to you, so bare this in mind. 

21. If I want a bespoke dress made what do I do?

If you’re set on an idea for a bespoke gown, know that this service starts at £7,000 upwards. You will ideally need to bring pictures and Pinterest Boards to your appointment so you can give us as much idea as to what you want your dream dress to be like, we can source fabrics and design your dress with you once you have decided we are the ones to make this dream a reality and you have paid a deposit. You have a mock up made of the dress, so you can be sure the silhouette is perfect before we add the precious expensive fabrics and detail. 

22. Do you hold all the dresses on the website in stock?

We hold a huge collection in stock, most of the dresses on the site we have a sample of, however they can occasionally be lent to magazines for photoshoots or to one of our stockists. If there are certain styles from our collection you would like to try on, please let a member of our team know which ones they are before you come in so we can make sure the sample is in the boutique, we don’t want to disappoint you.

23.  I am getting married abroad, how will I take my dress with me?

We can pack your dress into a dress bag so you can carry it on board with you, or pack it into a suitcase for you to carry on if it’s not a huge dress. We can discuss the best way to pack the dress with you, however we always recommend that it doesn’t leave your sight, it is in carry on luggage or you book a seat for the dress if it is too large to put in the over head lockers.

24. What is your refund policy?

We don’t operate a refund policy I am afraid, we are simply too small. However we encourage you to come back for second and third appointments before you commit to buying your dress from us, so in that time we believe you have had plenty of opportunity to try on lots of other dresses and know you are making the right decision. We do not encourage you to make quick decisions, nor do we operate on the day discounts if you order that day. 

25. Am I allowed fabric swatches of my dress?

Once your dress is ordered you can have swatches of the lace and satins to help you accessorise or choose your bridesmaid dresses.

26. Do you allow pictures to be taken in 1st appointment?
I am afraid we have a no photography policy in store as we would rather you came back to re try our dresses on that pontificate of iPhone pics and make a decision on which dresses you liked based on these snaps. If you want detail shots of any of our dresses then the galleries on the website have back and front and detail shots of the dresses. Once you have ordered the dress you can take as many pictures of the dress and the various fitting stages so you have a record of your wedding dress journey. 

Do’s and don’t

Please do not wear lipstick, heavy foundations or fake tan to your consultation appointments or dress fittings as there is a high risk of it coming off onto the dress. We cannot be held responsible for any make up transferred onto your actual dress if you choose to do any of the above, and it will be your responsibility to try and get the make up removed. If you have travelled on public transport to your appointment its always advisable to wash your hands before you try on your actual wedding dress to ensure that no dirt off your hands is transferred onto your dress in the fitting.