Stunning Sophie | A real Halfpenny London bride

Gorgeous bride Sophie tied the knot just last month in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Oman.  Sophie is from London and her husband Matt is from Australia so they saw their wedding as an opportunity to get all of their nearest and dearest together in one place so they asked everyone to meet them in the middle in Oman - the country Sophie grew up in.  This resulted in a lovely celebratory atmosphere to their wedding, with bright yellow and purple flowers from Australia mixed with the sand and palm trees in the Middle-Eastern location giving it a rustic and calm feel perfectly suited to the couple.

After a frustrating search, Sophie came to our Bloomsbury boutique where she fell in love with the Jessica dress.

"I started out a very sceptical wedding dress shopper as white has never been my colour so was considering other options. I was about to give up, I felt like I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t by trying on all the wedding dresses I had done previously. Luckily Mum persuaded me to try one more place because my uncle had raved about Halfpenny London after going with a friend to her fitting.  When we walked in and saw the quirkily sophisticated layers of material and lace all mixed together so elegantly along the rails I had such a feeling we’d found the right place. Jean looked after me at my first appointment and she seemed to understand my style straight away. I have quite a calm nature and wanted to wear something that had an ease and flow to it. She also suggested I go for something bright white which I had been avoiding, and of course it’s exactly what I needed."

"As soon as I tried on the Jessica dress I couldn’t believe I’d found something that felt so perfect. It was so comfortable and I could just imagine scooping up the train and having a great time celebrating.  As soon as I tried it on I wished the wedding was the next day so I could wear it already."

Sophie and Matt are an adorable couple and I love these gorgeous pictures by Siobhan Amy Photography + Film.  They capture the joy of the day perfectly.

Thank you so much to Sophie for sending these in.  We wish you both every happiness in your new adventures!


Kate & the Halfpennys xxx