Halfpenny London

#OurWeekInPictures | July 16th - 22nd 2018

Kate HalfpennyComment

Good morning!  I'm in the south of France for a fabulous wedding this week.  Can't wait to celebrate with the bride and groom!  

Last week was a big one for us as we finally completed the purchase of our dream home!  It's been a long road and although part of me is very sad to leave London behind, I'm excited about this new chapter.  We’ll be back one day when we’ve retired.  For now, we’re looking forward to waking up near the sea, breathing cleaner air, having a wild time for Sylvester in the countryside and being near family.   The renovations are going to take a long time but we can't wait to get started!

Until next week...


Kate & the Halfpennys xxx