Halfpenny London

Exciting 2016 collection

Kate HalfpennyComment

It's so much fun to work with such gorgeous beautiful and inspiring women. To make them a dress that works for them entirely. Capturing them in every stitch. This is a dress we made for beautiful Alice for her wedding this spring. It's a classic dress I once made for Emilia Fox to wear to the Baftas. Alice had the embellishment embroidered in rose gold to match her engagement ring, which looked stunning against the blush satin crepe of the dress.  

We we have made an ivory version of this dress for our 2016 collection with gold or ivory embellishments. It can also be ordered in the blush satin too. A dreamy dress with meters and meters of fabric in the skirt. I can't wait to share the pics of the new shoot soon. 

Alice wearing her Halfpenny London dress  

Alice wearing her Halfpenny London dress