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Beautiful Heather | A real Halfpenny London bride

“When looking for my dress, Kate Halfpenny was the only boutique I wanted to visit. I thoroughly researched and within the Halfpenny range I loved so many different styles, I was convinced I would find my dress here so I booked an appointment and travelled to London. The boutique is just beautiful and was an incredible experience. My experience with Halfpenny was a dream from the minute I walked into the boutique until I received my beautifully wrapped dress. I cannot recommend them enough.”

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Stunning Kate | A real Halfpenny London bride

"Alexia was so warm and welcoming, she took time to listen to my ongoing saga, even getting to know me a little before proceeding to make recommendations.  I felt so comfortable and at ease, it was how wedding dress shopping should be…a wonderful experience!

When Alexia suggested [the Cheryl dress] at the beginning I said no as I was thinking I wanted something more bohemian... on the third suggestion, she convinced me... because we had got on so well and I trusted her, I said yes. And of course, she was right, after trying on around 150 dresses I had found the one.  It was a testament to her experience to be able to look at me and actually know my style better than I did! I should have listened to her sooner.

I felt drop dead gorgeous in it!!! Like a Hollywood film star.

Damn I LOVED it!"

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Stunning Sophie | A real Halfpenny London bride

"I started out a very sceptical wedding dress shopper as white has never been my colour so was considering other options. I was about to give up, I felt like I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t by trying on all the wedding dresses I had done previously. Luckily Mum persuaded me to try one more place because my uncle had raved about Halfpenny London after going with a friend to her fitting.

When we walked in and saw the quirkily sophisticated layers of material and lace all mixed together so elegantly along the rails I had such a feeling we’d found the right place. Jean looked after me at my first appointment and she seemed to understand my style straight away. I have quite a calm nature and wanted to wear something that had an ease and flow to it. She also suggested I go for something bright white which I had been avoiding, and of course it’s exactly what I needed.

As soon as I tried on the Jessica dress I couldn’t believe I’d found something that felt so perfect. It was so comfortable and I could just imagine scooping up the train and having a great time celebrating.  As soon as I tried it on I wished the wedding was the next day so I could wear it already."

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Beautiful Laura | A real Halfpenny London bride

“I remember being really quite shocked about how much I loved the dress and everything just seemed to work. I then brought back various family members / friends to see the dress and Alexia at Halfpenny was so helpful, nothing was ever too much trouble. In one of my appointments I had the pleasure of meeting Kate which was such a treat!

I knew that I wanted a dress that was a bit different, not too "bridal" but also something that was beautiful and wouldn't date. All the Halfpenny dresses are so timeless but modern and I felt like I could really relate to the brand.  

I can't thank all the girls at Halfpenny London enough. I loved every minute of my appointments, they were so personal and magical and I was actually very sad when the whole experience was over!"

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Stunning Joanna | A real Halfpenny London bride

"Due to the time scale of our planning, I knew one of the first things that had to be ordered was my wedding dress. I did my homework and within two days of fittings I had found the perfect combination, thanks to the help of the beautiful designers and staff at Halfpenny London.

Their outfits have a mix and match approach, and after I fell in love with the delicate detail of the climbing floral embroidery of the sheer tulle skirt we paired it with the sheer Iris slip, and the long sleeved draped backline top was the perfect final addition to deal with the unpredictable Northern Irish weather.”

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Stunning Claire | A real Halfpenny London bride

"The thing with me is I generally like a lot of styles, and therefore and I need some help to consolidate my thoughts and this is where I found Halfpenny’s to be masters, with their great customer service and honest, beautiful dresses.  My Mum, best Friend and I had already been to 3 bridal stores in London that day, and we all said that Halfpenny’s was the best experience along with the prettiest of dresses.

I chose the Marilyne Gown; it’s an elegantly effortless, versatile dress, that I felt myself in, which was most important to me.  When I put this dress on I could picture myself in it during the wedding day and just knew it was for me."

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Gorgeous Samantha | A real Halfpenny London bride

"Alexia made the experience an amazing one. I loved that there was nobody else in the shop – I had free reign to explore all the dresses and Alexia was incredibly helpful walking me through the range and offering suggestions. I was made to feel completely at ease and really enjoyed trying on a range of dresses, including ones which I might not have picked out myself.

I chose the Iris Slip & Susie Skirt because they were light – I didn’t feel weighed down and could move quite freely. I also adored the detail and fun design on the skirt. I had never seen anything like it before. It just felt completely right and ticked all the boxes – fun, light, summery…"

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Stunning Camilla | A real Halfpenny London bride

"I LOVED my appointments at Halfpenny London. Firstly, the boutique is absolutely beautiful! It’s like stepping into a treasure trove filled with lace and tulle and sparkly things… I wanted to try EVERYTHING.

I actually fell in love with two dresses. I was set on the Violet Full French lace but then the Dita caught my eye and I had to try it. Ultimately the Dita made me feel the more bridal of the two, I loved the way it moved and how it fit me. It made me feel like a princess (a cliché but I think we secretly all want to feel that way on our wedding days) but still had the modern, cool feel that all of the Halfpenny dresses have. The beaded bustier was just exquisite, I hadn’t seen anything like it before. From a far it almost looks like lace. When I didn’t want to take it off I knew it was the one."

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Beautiful Hannah | A real Halfpenny London bride

"Halfpenny was the first shop I visited. I’d seen some pictures on Instagram before looking at the website and fell in love with the collection. I’ve never wanted anything very traditional, or over the top, and Halfpenny fit the bill perfectly, understated, but with something just little bit different, and just beautifully done.  

I did go in to the shop with a very clear idea of the dresses I wanted to try, with one in particular I knew I really liked, but I was trying to be open minded. However, as soon as I started to try on the dress, (actually a separate skirt and top) it just felt right. Once the veil went on too, that was it! All of this, plus a beautiful shop, the most help and friendly staff, and no hard sell all, made it a wonderful experience."

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Beautiful Ashleigh | A real Halfpenny London bride

“I had been so worried that I may not find a dress that suited me but it’s as though my Halfpenny London dress and skirt were made just for me. I felt like me but just more beautiful and feminine.

The design is so simple and paired back at the first glance but at second glance you can see the intricacy in the craftsmanship of the hand-cut appliqué which is just gorgeous.”

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Beautiful Jess | A real Halfpenny London bride

"I visited a few places in London and got an idea of the styles that seemed to suit me. It was fun testing the waters and trying on heavily embellished dresses, huge princess dresses as well as some sexier ones too! But I did tend to be a little disappointed by the quality of the fabrics, which led me to the beautiful styles at Halfpenny."

I was welcomed at the boutique by Izzy who was so relaxed and genuine and I just felt comfortable immediately. I was a bit like a child in a sweet shop wanting to try everything on and did need to be held back a little! There was one particular dress I had seen on Instagram, which I was desperate to try, and it did feel so special actually wearing these beautiful gowns that I’d been wondering about since getting engaged."

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Beautiful Meredie | A real Halfpenny London bride

"From the moment I walked in the store I was welcomed with open arms from the beautiful Izie. The attention to detail, friendliness and reliability was outstanding.  I was lucky enough to meet Kate herself when I picked the dress up and that just topped it all off for me.   I find Kate’s vision, love of exquisite detail and friendliness so inspiring and exactly the sort of place I wanted to have an experience in! Relaxing, easy-going, inspiring and fun!  - definitely got me excited for what was to come!"

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Gorgeous Kate | A real Halfpenny London bride

"From the moment I walked into the gorgeous vintage-style Halfpenny boutique in Bloomsbury, London, I felt so excited and fell in love with so many of Kate’s dresses! I had been admiring many of Kate’s dresses online for weeks. Mum and I had such a fun day visiting bridal stores in London. Halfpenny was our last visit and the icing on the cake. Isobel was so welcoming, friendly and calming. Trying on dresses can be a nerve-wracking experience, but she really put me at ease. The whole experience from start to Finish was absolutely perfect. I felt so looked after and choosing my dress felt very special and personal. I loved the whole process and can’t praise Kate Halfpenny and her team enough."

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Beautiful Chloe | A real Halfpenny London bride

"I first came to Halfpenny with my Mum and sister one evening; the shop is beautiful, just like the dresses, and the whole experience was great. On my second appointment, I was lucky enough to meet Kate, which was a fabulous way to make a decision on THE dress! I chose the Iris Classic dress with Iris Slip and narrow satin belt because it felt modern, yet vintage and romantic in style. I fell in love with the detail, the low back, the drop waist, the satin buttons…

I felt completely myself in it. The dress seemed to echo my personality. This was also the only dress that my Mum and sister, who came with me to most of my bridal appointments, got emotional about seeing me in (but, importantly, I didn’t know this until afterwards, so it truly was meant to be!)"

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Gorgeous Natasha | A real Halfpenny London bride

"As soon as I walked in [to the boutique] I realised I loved Kate’s style and this made the experience pretty different from all the other places I had gone which carried multiple lines – as I liked pretty much everything in the Halfpenny store!! I also loved that Kate herself was sometimes there in the store so I got to meet her personally which was a super exciting and special touch!! The whole experience was FAB from start to finish – thank you so much!"

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Stunning Stephanie | A real Halfpenny London bride

"Halfpenny was the only place I came to! I was certain it was where I wanted to get my dress from.  I had my first fitting with Kate and it was lovely because she told me the details of the dresses. I told her the style I was after and she helped pull some options. I didn’t feel rushed or that I was just another person being shipped through, I felt like it mattered.

I loved the Josephine dress when I tried it on because of the lace sleeves (something I was after) and the vintage feel to the dress. I didn’t want anything too full in the skirt because we got married in Santorini and I was aware of having to travel with it - plus that isn’t really my style. My Mum and bridesmaids were with me and I could see on their faces it was the right one!  When I put it on on my wedding day I knew it was right because I couldn’t imagine wearing any another design."

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Gorgeous Natalie | A real Halfpenny London bride

"Halfpenny was the first store I visited whilst dress shopping. After shopping around at a few other stores I came back to Halfpenny and found my dress. I loved the store and the beautiful location in Woburn walk. I loved the décor of the shop with all the beautiful details including the music playing.  The team were very welcoming and made the experience very memorable. I had a couple of alterations appointments and it was clear that it was as important for the team and well as myself to get the dress just right.

I originally tried the Lydia dress in blush as I was convinced I didn’t want white but it’s funny how your ideas change!  You just know when you put it on when it’s the one! I think my mum and I both shed a tear or two at that moment." 

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Gorgeous Thea | A real Halfpenny London bride

“A mutual friend introduced me to Kate as he knew she would be the perfect choice. He was right – the minute I walked into her beautiful showroom in Bloomsbury and met her I knew she would create the most incredible dress. Her designs have that perfect blend of vintage style, femininity and glamour, and she has an innate feel for what you want and what will look good on you. I also loved how all of her pieces are made by hand in her studio underneath the showroom; she has the most wonderful team working for her and it is very special being able to meet the people who are actually putting your dress together. I’ve since worked with her on two of her shoots, and it was such a treat being able to wear all of her dresses!

Kate designed a bespoke dress for me based on some rough ideas I had about how it should feel on and how it should move. I knew I wanted there to be movement in the skirt so that it would be good for dancing, and nothing too restrictive so I felt free and comfortable throughout the day. She designed a slip dress with a very full skirt in a pale champagne silk, with two layers of tulle added from the waist down.  She then made a wonderfully sparkly hand-beaded lace top in gold with elbow length sleeves and an open back, which could be worn on top. I loved how this gave the dress two different looks: super glam and more simple. It moved beautifully, and the full skirt was so much fun to dance and twirl in!”

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