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London Craft Week Workshop | Designing the Dress of your Dreams with Halfpenny London

Kate Halfpenny2 Comments

We’ve had the most wonderful day at the atelier today.  It’s London Craft Week and I decided to host two intimate workshops giving an exclusive glimpse behind-the-scenes of Halfpenny London.  Two groups of lovely curious people came to the atelier and I talked them through the journey of my top-secret 'Songbird' collection (coming this Autumn) and some of the techniques we’ve used to create the new pieces, from initial conception and sketches, to hand-applied traditional couture techniques and the use of my signature luxurious fabrics.

We then had a wonderful time re-creating some of the gorgeous flowers i’ve used in my new pieces to create the most beautiful veils and headbands which the participants took away with them.  They had the choice of making an appliquéd veil or headband - or a mix of both.

I’m so passionate about craft so this was an absolute dream to share my passion with others who feel the same as I do and the best bit was seeing the magical, unique creations everyone made!

Thank you to everyone who came.  It was truly our pleasure to welcome you into our world.


Kate & the Halfpennys xxx